Our Company

G.P.L. Construction Inc. is a Utility Contractor that installs natural gas pipelines including transmission, distribution and residential service lines. We are a Rhode Island based company that was established in 1988. President, Michael P. Gaudette, has served in the gas pipeline industry in New England for over 40 years. G.P.L. is recognized as one of the safest, most reliable and innovative pipeline construction companies in this area.

Our strong local presence includes a highly skilled, motivated workforce of construction professionals. We have excellent existing relationships with New England Gas Utility companies, subcontractors, and suppliers. We are confident in our ability to provide value-added services that will help major utility companies meet their specific goals and long term objectives.

G.P.L. Construction Inc. offers considerable experience building utility pipelines with extensive knowledge in gas pipe line construction in New England. We have a clear understanding of the work and equipment required to perform the work to bid specifications. The combination of G.P.L.’s significant experience and expertise in natural gas pipeline project construction particularly in a challenging northeast climate and ground conditions, as well as more than three decades of commitment to New England gas customers, makes our company uniquely qualified to be relied upon to be a stable, predictable and successful business partner for significant undertakings.

Safety is the first and most important part of every job undertaken by G.P.L. Construction Inc. We incorporate this "Safety First" attitude into every aspect of every task that we perform every day. To us, "Safety First" is not just words; it’s a value that’s an integral part of our day-to-day operational culture. Participation from all employees drives the safety of our company and we regularly recognize employees who make outstanding contributions to the safety of our work.

The G.P.L. Construction Inc. team is fully qualified and has the requisite experience, techniques and resources to successfully execute pipeline projects. Our goal is to provide the highest quality construction results through our commitment to standards of excellence in service, safety and efficiency to our customers, employees and to the environment.

Examples of our Work

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